Recall & Reminder System via HotDoc (Email or SMS)

To further improve our service to you, we have implemented a patient register for Preventative activities. This is a Reminder/ Recall system in which we will contact the patient by either mail or phone for follow-up of preventive activity such as skin check, pap smear, mammogram etc.

We also offer the opportunity for patients to initiate these reminders/recalls being sent to them.

Patients attending this practice will automatically be included on our register. Patients are requested to inform the Doctor if they choose not to be included.


We may Contact:

  • Make an appointment to discuss your test results
  • Remind you that you are due for preventative health care services
  • Provide you information about our preventative health care services

Government Health Registers

Our practice participates in both state & commonwealth reminder systems. Examples include:

  • Australian Immunisation Register
  • National Cervical Screening Register
  • Breast Screen Australia
  • National Bowel Screening Program