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Garrick Rollinson


  • Garrick is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He then went to Auckland New Zealand where he completed his physiotherapy degree with honours.  While in Auckland Garrick worked closely with some of New Zealand’s leading physiotherapists involved with high performance national sport within the private sector. He has worked face to face with representative sporting teams and organisations.

Garrick treats patients of all ages and he has completed additional training in:

  • Vestibular and Vertigo assessments/treatments
  • Men’s Health  (post prostate surgery)
  • Manual Therapy and Joint Mobilisations
  • GLA:D trained Oesteoarthritis Physiotherapist

Garrick has spent the last 5 years working in Australia his experience includes:

    • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
    • Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation
    • Acute Sporting Injuries
    • Chronic Pain Disorders
    • Vertigo
    • Degenerative Conditions
    • Pelvic Health

Treatment modalities include massage, manual therapy, joint mobilisation/manipulation and dry needling.  He is a firm believer of active recovery and will utilize evidence validated exercises to assist with his patients rehabilitation.


Independent Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of  Surgery, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Masters of Orthopaedics

Ehab Kiriakos is a well-experienced physiotherapist with a range of clinical diversities over 20 years.  He completed a bachelor’s and Master of Medicine from Cairo, Ain Shams University in 1989 and obtained a physiotherapy degree in Australia. 

Dr. Kiriakos worked as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Cairo since graduating from Medicine and has performed numerous surgeries whilst implementing structured pre and post-operative protocols.

Ehab worked in a variety of clinical settings including rural, remote, public and private hospitals and in the military. He has a special interest in chronic conditions and diseases that most clinicians are unable to solve. 

 Ehab is a certified Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

He carries a licensed registration in the management of Lymphoedema from the ALA (Aust Lymphology Association), NPLR (National Lymphedema Pract. Reg.) and APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association).  He specialises in treating all clients with underlying lymphoedema cause.   

His treatment protocols are ranging from guided exercise program, ultrasound therapy, joint mobilizations, soft tissue release, laser therapy, acupuncture and lymphoedema specific regimes. 

Dr Ehab accepts all private health insurance funds, Workcover QLD, Medicare and Department of Veterans Affair

Amy Brar


Amy has podiatry experience for 6+ years, graduting from the Queensland University of Technology with Bachelor’s of Podiatry Medicine Degree.

Amy enjoys all aspects of General Podiatry but have special interest in Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Pain, ingrown toenails and orthotics along with children foot issues.

She have worked in private podiatry practices, residential aged care and in the wider community on the north side of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Podiatry services are available Monday, Tuesday, Saturday (monthly)

For more information or to make an appointment phone: 07 5433 1500

Amy Gibson

BPharm GCertHlthProfEd MClinPharm MPS AcSHP

Practice Pharmacist

Amy is an accredited consultant pharmacist who has completed post-graduate studies in clinical pharmacy and education. Amy regularly conducts medication review services in collaboration with Hub GPs to improve medicines use in the community, and provides education to GPs, home care support workers, patients and their carers. Medication reviews can improve your health by making sure all medications used are providing benefits to your health and minimising side effects. They can also be helpful for people using devices like inhalers or injectables to make sure you are using the correct technique.
If you would like the opportunity to discuss your medicines or ask more in-depth questions about medications and their long-term benefits, talk to your doctor about a Home Medicines Review or book to see Amy at the Hub.

Pharmacist services are available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

For more information or to make an appointment phone: 075433 1500

Dalia Boulis (B Psych (Hons))

General Psychologist

Dalia graduated from the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane with Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours (B Psych – Hons).

She has worked as a Family Counsellor in a non-government organisation in the Child Protection area for 11 years and in private practice providing psychological intervention across lifespan (children, adolescents and adults). This has included working with children and adolescents with developmental trauma, problematic sexual behaviour, self-harm and suicidal ideation and working with adults to address a variety of issues such as Domestic Violence, Drug/Alcohol misuse and child abuse/neglect.

Dalia speaks Arabic fluently and have worked with individuals from a Culturally And Linguistically Diverse background (CALD).

Expertise includes:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Work with children
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attachment difficulties

To make an appointment phone Dalia on 5433 1500


Hearing Specialists

  • Do you struggle to follow a conversation when there is other noise in the background?
  • Do you think that people around you are mumbling?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat themselves or find yourself guessing what someone has said?
  • Do you find yourself thinking “I can hear it, but I can’t understand it”?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, perhaps you or they are living with a hearing loss. Hearing loss affects more than 60% of people over the age of 60.

Many of those people and/or their families are frustrated by the difficulties faced when conversation is unclear, but they needn’t be.

Here at the Hub Medical Centre, our visiting Hearing Specialist, Bloom Hearing is happy to discuss with you a range of solutions to address your very individual hearing needs.

Bloom visits The Hub on Tuesdays

For more information or to make an appointment phone Bloom 5428 2066

Rosemary Stone

Clinical Psychologist

Rosemary works with individuals, couples, and families, to assist with psychological and emotional difficulties.

Individual work includes areas such as trauma, loss and grief, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, anger management, sleep difficulties (insomnia), chronic pain, and interpersonal problems.

Rosemary works with couples to address the full range of relationship problems, which may include the challenges of difficult communication, handling conflict, lack of intimacy, sexual problems, infidelity and disengagement.

Issues such as anger management, difficult personality factors (including narcissism), depression and anxiety, may also contribute to relationship problems and are treated or referred on as needed.

Families can be assisted with  difficulties related to parenting, communication, conflict, illness and disability, and generally getting along with one another.

In her work, Rosemary aims to help people to identify and communicate their needs and emotions, to become the person they want to be, and to work towards understanding, acceptance, and compassion in their relationships with others and with themselves.

Referrals from DVA, VVCS and Defence are accepted.

To make an appointment phone Rosemary on 3311 1919

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