Depression and anxiety can affect each of us at some time in our lives. If it’s not you, maybe it’s a family member, a partner, a friend or a work colleague. Life turns up circumstances that can be really overwhelming at times.

Perhaps you are having problems coping with grief or stress or maybe family or work issues are seriously affecting your quality of life? You may benefit from The Hub Medical Centre’s counselling service with one of our experienced and caring Psychologists. Life does not have to be lived under a black cloud – assistance and peace of mind is close at hand.

Rosemary Stone – Clinical Psychologist

Rosemary works with individuals, couples, and families, to assist with psychological and emotional difficulties.

Individual work includes areas such as trauma, loss and grief, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, anger management, sleep difficulties (insomnia), chronic pain, and interpersonal problems.

Rosemary works with couples to address the full range of relationship problems, which may include the challenges of difficult communication, handling conflict, lack of intimacy, sexual problems, infidelity and disengagement. Issues such as anger management, difficult personality factors (including narcissism), depression and anxiety, may also contribute to relationship problems and are treated or referred on as needed.

Families can be assisted with  difficulties related to parenting, communication, conflict, illness and disability, and generally getting along with one another.

In her work, Rosemary aims to help people to identify and communicate their needs and emotions, to become the person they want to be, and to work towards understanding, acceptance, and compassion in their relationships with others and with themselves.

Referrals from DVA, VVCS and Defence are accepted.

To make an appointment phone Rosemary on 3311 1919