They say “You are what you eat.”.


Rachel Zabel is our regular dietitan and has 5 years experience in private practice. During this time has treated patients with chronic diseases (including diabetes, obesity and heart disease) as well as irritable bowel syndrome, food allergy/intolerance and childhood nutrition. She has also completed a PhD specialising in the use of omega-3 fats for people with chronic kidney disease. She has published five papers and spoken at international conferences in this field. Rachel has taught nutrition and dietetics at university level.

She has a special interest in helping people break free from emotional eating using a non-diet approach, and is also interested in all aspects of maternal and child health. Rachel’s practice is called ‘Real World Nutrition’ and she likes to help people achieve good nutrition within the constraints and challenges found by real people in the real world.

Rachel loves keeping up with the latest research on all things nutrition and can help you use the latest science to achieve your goals.

Rachel visits monthly on Monday please Call 07 5433 1500